Food Art!

                             Prachi Patankar

Hi folks!

This article is especially for those who are wondering what food styling is all about.

Before we head over to food styling one needs to know ‘what is Styling’ and why is it essential?

Styling is a way to present yourself to others in a different and unique manner. On same lines food styling is art of presenting food in an artistic and aesthetic manner making it look appetizing – for photograph/film/ advertisement.

Food styled photos have vivid uses in food industry. Such photos are used to beautify the website, decorate the food outlet or restaurant with drooling photos or an attractive image on the food packet.

There are enumerate efforts that go into the process of food styling, which we will unfold in the days to come.

By now you may be wondering who am I to write about food styling. Well! Food styling happened to me by accident. And believe me some accidents turn your life around. (In a good way)

I was on my journey as a lecturer at a hotel management institute where an incidence made me take a detour to food styling as a profession.

The noble thought of taking up food styling was a thoughtful decision .My husband Bhushan started the firm ‘Bhushan Food Styling’ some 12 years back. In a short span of time he was way ahead on his path of success, but God had some other plans for him. He passed away in 2013.Then was a crucial time to decide whether to continue as a lecturer or live up to his dream. One may call it an emotional decision! But when you have seen a person starting from scratch – crockery in one cupboard to a 3 room studio – then the willingness to live up to his dream is way stronger.

Though it was a transition from teaching job to a creative career (business) I enjoyed every bit of it. Where there is willingness, everything falls in place!

Truly said by Steve Jobs – The only way to do great work is to love what you do!

And yes, I love what I do and would love to keep doing this to my bestest capacity.

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