We are glad that you are here @Bhushan Food styling blog. We are planning to renovate our website. In that process we felt that there are some interesting stories, incidences, photos, videos which we can share with you all. When Bhushan started food styling, many people were not aware about his work. Now also there are very few who know about it. In recent times food styling has become an essential service for food industry. It plays an important role on social media, packaging photos, etc.

While reading this blog, you can be an amateur cook, a seasoned cook or just the one who likes to look at food. It doesn’t matter. Here you will read interesting stories or feast your eyes with the photos which we will share. If you are stressed, keep it aside for some time and just relax with a new interesting article or take a break from your busy schedule and have a glance at the new uploaded photos.

So fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a ride! Welcome to our Blog!!

Let’s drool over food!

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